Product labels

If, like many companies, you want to export your products abroad, it is better to have your product labels translated.

To expand your market, target countries and choose your translator accordingly. (See video: 5 tips for choosing a translator – This one will have to take into account expressions, consumption habits and lifestyles. This is called localization.

Localized translation is essential. Powerful marketing tool, it provides a better understanding, more visibility and contributes to commercial development because it integrates the cultural dimension. The translator then plays the advisory role. He has a mission and must guide his client in implementing a deployment strategy.

With AI and automated translations, the location that is essential for any good translation is often compromised. Note that while in some EU countries we may be satisfied with partial translation (prerequisites for use and product function) in other countries such as Austria, France or Portugal, full translation is required.

The translator will also be able to take into account the constraints imposed by labelling and adapt the terminology according to the often very limited space dedicated to mandatory information.

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