Our values


Our values.

Reactivity, friendliness, benevolence, diversity of languages ​​and cultures, that is what characterizes most of our values.

The work of Intrinseque is in the long term. Any company can last by prioritizing the quantitative to the qualitative. If customer satisfaction remains our priority, we also defend integrity and team spirit. Any language, any culture is superior to the other one. Whatever the language, it is as valuable as a species for biodiversity.



Intrinsèque undertakes to respect the author’s thinking and to remain faithful to the source text, to respect the delivery deadlines and to keep professional secrecy on all information and documents transmitted.

The ethics of Intrinsèque is correlated with its values. Everything is done to privilege the interests of our partners (customers, suppliers, service providers, translators …) by relying on a code of good practices. It’s our charter, our quality label.

Translation is a passion, to satisfy you is a priority!