Specialized translation.

Whatever the fields of activity,

  • Legal
  • Technical & Scientific
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Finances
  • Multimédia

The choice of the translator is essential because he is the only one who can find linguistic, stylistic and cultural equivalences. This is why our translators in addition to language skills also have real business expertise.


Publishing Translation.

More particularly for publishers it concerns the translation of various publications such as books on management, cooking, tourism, art … In some cases, it may be similar to specialized translation but cannot be qualified as a literary translation. This one concerns more literature and major authors. Few people know it, but more than two-thirds of the books we read are translations.


The difference between revision and correction is tenuous, but it consists of a comparison of the source text to the target text in order to check the exactness of the terms used and to check the subtle matches between the language expressions.


Writing / reformulation.

Whoever you are, if you have an idea but do not know how to express it, if you have trouble finding the words, if you want to give more consistency to your writings or simply avoid clumsy turns, we offer Writing and / or reformulation services.

We take care of all types of documents, instructions for use, catalog, specifications, contracts, notarial act, statutes, general conditions of sale, civil status document, etc.